Advanced Orthopedic
Fixation Systems

Our patent pending technology simplifies the implant process for the surgical team by providing the implant and all required instruments in one comprehensive, single-use, sterile kit. 


The Ossifix Orthopedics™ Difference

Our line of products are manufactured using high density, select, allograft bone, which virtually eliminates any chance of implant rejection as is commonly seen with metal and plastic implants. 

Interference Screws

Commonly used for ACL and MCL reconstruction and repair.


Indicated for tendon repair such as Achilles tendon rupture repair and more.

Dowels & Pins

Used in small bone fractures and inherently stable osteotomies.


Used in metacarpal fractures and inherently stable osteotomies.

Metal and plastic implants can cause a reaction in as high as 50% of patients

In some cases, significant pain to the patient over time requiring surgical intervention, Ossifix implants are fully absorbed by the patient’s body and replaced by the patient’s own bone. Each kit contains all instrumentation, bits, and fixtures required for the implant placement, with the components thoughtfully laid out in the exact order they are required during the procedure, and all pieces are disposable and eco-friendly.


Cutting Edge Bioabsorbable

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent pending technology translates to a reduction of required operating room time and virtually eliminates the likelihood of infection and implant-associated complications seen with traditional metal or plastic implants. 

Infinity NPCP® Integrating Plate System

The NPCP-Infinity® Integrating Plate System is a resorbable arthrodesis device constructed of select, high-density, allograft, cortical bone. The NPCP® Integrating Plate System is designed for non-load bearing applications, for maintaining rigid fixation and the relative position of an osteotomy or bone fragments in the reconstruction of small and large bones,
while adjunctive procedures heal.


Torus® ACL Interference Screw System

The Ossifix Orthopedics™ Bioabsorbable ACL Interference Screw is manufactured from select, high-density, allograft cortical bone, and is intended for use as a fixation device for bone-tendon (BTB or Achilles) and soft tissue grafts during ACL and PCL reconstruction procedures.


Janus® Integrating Pin System

The Ossifix Orthopedics™ Bioabsorbable Pin is a next-generation fixation solution offering several advantages over conventional metallic implants. The multifaceted pin design facilitates fixation and compression while protecting against rotational forces and enabling surgeons to treat fractures, fusions, and osteotomies. 


Quantum® Recon Screw System 

The Ossifix Orthopedics™ Integrating Recon Screw System is manufactured using select, high-density, allograft cortical bone. It is specifically designed to fixate and hold reconstructive procedures in alignment while adjunctive healing occurs. Provides an alternative treatment option to a metallic device & helps in the repair of metacarpal and phalangeal fusion and fractures.